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So you actually want to learn about me? I thought no one really reads this stuff...well there's not much to tell.

I have a background in Interactive Multimedia and Design, which is a fancy way of saying I'm a jack of all trades. Having experience in marketing, 3D animation, web design, graphic design, photography, videography, and much more.

It wasn't until I came to Toronto and hit the streets with my camera that I really explored my love of photography. I eventually found myself working with the most interesting people, affectionate animals, and captivating environments I could ever hope for.

"Every viewer is going to get a different thing. That's the thing about painting, photography, cinema." - David Lynch

I always keep this quote in mind whenever I even start to think about taking a photo. Regardless of the subject or how it is being viewed, I always work to produce an engaging image that makes an impact on whomever views it.

Thanks for actually taking the time to read this and to check out my work!

Feel free to reach out and socialize! I am always happy to chat.

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Frequently Asks Questions

It is always important to ask questions and see how we can make your photoshoot the best it can be!

  1. Over two and a half years working with the Toronto Humane Society.
  2. Experience working with a wide array of pets; pythons, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, rabbits, cats, and of course dogs.
  3. Utilizing Stress Free Handling to ensure a welcoming and calming environment.
  4. Spending the first 10-15 minutes of every shoot letting the pet acclimatize to the studio, lighting, and myself.
  5. And of course TONS of treats & toys to share on set.
  1. Portraiture both in and out of studio.
  2. Product shoots ranging from alcohol and spirits to coffee and electronics.
  3. Live events such as concerts, dance clubs, drag shows, and more.
  4. Architecture, real estate, and interior design opportunities are welcome.
  5. I am excited to announce that drone photography will soon be available as well!

Yes I do! Norco (you may have seen him in the top banner) he is an adorable lab, aussie, and red tick coon hound mix. I also regularly foster pets to give them a place to decompress and relax as they wait for their forever home.

I can not forget to mention my five hens; Lagertha, Alma, Astrid, Gro, and Hilda who enjoy their free range of my backyard and feasting on the occasional home grown mulberries.